Monthly Newsletter - October 2021

The Ladders of Wealth Creation, What if People Don't Want a Career?, Price Changes Since 1998 Prove the Economy is Rigged, and more

Monthly Newsletter - September 2021

WTF Happened in 1971, The housing theory of everything, Ditching your commute: worth ~$40K/year in happiness, and more

Being frugal vs cheap - what's the difference?

Both approaches are focused on saving money, but the similarities end there.

Monthly Newsletter - August 2021

Choosing what to do with your life, the most effective wealth-building strategy for young investors, the Cantillon Effect, and Shrinkflation

The Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) Passive Income Grid

Visualize the incredible value of passive income and how various Safe Withdrawal Rates impact your required investments to reach FIRE

Monthly Newsletter - July 2021

The Great Online Game, The Highest Forms of Wealth, How Does a Raise Early in Your Career Affect Your Finances, and more

10 Best Jobs for Coasting to FIRE

Flexible hours, low stress, fun, and travel friendly. I picked out 10 of the best jobs that allow you to make the most of your life after reaching your Coast FIRE milestone.

Monthly Newsletter - June 2021

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, Getting the Goalposts to Stop Moving, $5 billion Roth IRA, setting up your children for financial success, and more

How I spend $30k per year in the SF bay area with a 65%+ savings rate

A breakdown of my current income and expenses while enjoying life in a VHCOL location

What is Barista FIRE? The complete guide to unlocking early financial freedom

How Barista FIRE uses the power of side income after retirement to help you exit the rat race much sooner

How I graduated college with no student loans and over $40k of savings (in 10 steps)

10 steps I took to lay the foundation for a lifetime of financial freedom

2020 year in review

My reflection on 2020 including the good, the bad, my learnings from the past year, and my goals for 2021

How I bought a new M1 MacBook Air for under $700 (before tax)

Here's how I stacked discounts to buy Apple's M1 MacBook Air for under $700

Mint Mobile Review: my 4 years on America's best value prepaid plan

How I've saved nearly $2,000 since switching to Mint in 2016

How NOT having the newest iPhone would have earned you $9,000+ over the last 10 years

What would happen if you only upgraded your iPhone every three years and bought Apple stock in the years between?

5 Financial mistakes I've made and what you can learn from them

Here are 5 finance-related mistakes I've made on my journey and the takeaways you can learn from each of them

Do Things That Positively Compound

Compounding growth as a heuristic for focusing your time and energy

The Coast FIRE Grid: how much do you need to save up to coast to retirement?

Determine at-a-glance your Coast FIRE number based on your age and expected spending

What is Coast FIRE: The Complete Guide to Coasting to Financial Independence

Leverage the power of compound growth to unlock freedom early in life, before hitting your normal FI number.

My Story

My journey on the path to financial independence