Monthly Newsletter: December 2023

👋 Happy New Year! I hope your 2024 is off to a great start. Here’s my newsletter for the month of December 2023 – it will be short and sweet.

🎧 The Best Advice from JL Collins by Mad Fientist 

Brandon (the Mad Fientist) distills all the best nuggets of personal finance advice from the infamous JL Collins into this podcast episode, including:

  • The power of FU Money and why it may be less money than you think
  • Why index investing is superior to active investing
  • Why your house may not be a good investment

💧 Net worth vs liquid net worth by Nick Maggiulli (OfDollarsandData)

  • Liquid net worth is the amount of cash you would have on hand after selling all of your liquid assets and paying off all of your debts.
  • Liquid net worth is a proxy for how well you can handle financial risk.
  • For financial peace of mind, your liquid assets are actually more important than your liquid net worth, because most debts do not have to be paid all at once.

🎧 Mr. Money Mustache on Life After FI: The Truth About Retiring Early in Your 30s (BiggerPockets Money Podcast)

Pete Adeney (aka Mr. Money Mustache) shares his experience after nearly 20 years of being early retired, including:

  • What his typical day looks like
  • Developing the “skill of spending” to bring in your early retirement point
  • The right way to downshift from your day job
  • How to handle stock market downturns

📆 WalletBurst 2023 year in review

  • 2023 was my best year yet! 
  • In my 2023 annual reflection, I share my general life updates, travel/fitness highlights, goals, and my overall spending for the past year.

My annual spending

Overall in 2023, I spent $38,701 total, while living in the SF bay area. Here’s a look at my total breakdown by category:

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