Andrew looking into the mountains

Hey there! I’m Andrew, a 28 year old living in the SF Bay Area that is passionate about fitness, design, and personal freedom. When I’m not at my day job as a mechanical engineer, you can find me in the gym or outside biking, running, hiking, or paddle boarding, each of these oftentimes with my buddies.

By making smart financial choices over the last decade like living frugally and investing the difference, I have stacked up a net worth that, at age 28, puts me on track to reach full financial independence in my 30s. I accomplished this milestone while living in the highest cost of living area of the USA, getting laid off and finding a job in the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, and working at startups, not fancy big tech companies.

I started WalletBurst to share everything that I have learned about money with as many people as possible, especially those early in their adult lives and careers. No matter where you are in life, you can benefit by optimizing your finances and focusing on what truly brings you happiness. While money is certainly not the most meaningful thing to be found in life, when used properly it is an incredible tool for finding freedom and fulfillment.

While select individuals have found success reaching financial independence in their 30’s, from the outside there seems to be a tradeoff between living in the now and saving for the future. I believe that with a bit of optimization, one can strike a balance between saving and spending – living for the now while also setting yourself up for incredible freedom down the road.

My goal with this site is to keep your wallet and your life bursting at the seams.

To learn more about how I got started on the journey to financial independence, you can read My Story.