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💵 Paychecks, Not Portfolios: Why Income is the Key to Financial Success (

  • “Tell me someone’s income and that will tell me more about their ability to build wealth than just about anything else.”
  • “A high income by itself won’t make you wealthy, but nearly every person who is wealthy had a high income.”
  • “Income level is more highly correlated with savings rate than any other metric.”

The cost to own vs rent has not been this far apart in most people’s lifetimes.

(Read more on Reddit)

❄️ Find seasonal or year-round jobs in fun, outdoor places. Great for the Coast/Barista FIRE crowd, these jobs often cover your lodging and food on top of your pay!

  • Once you’ve reached your Coast FIRE milestone, you gain the freedom to take jobs that pay less, but are more flexible and aligned with your interests so they don’t feel like work. 

I had my 15 minutes of fame when one of my calculators got shared in this community note on Twitter 😁. The tweet was since deleted, but here is a screenshot:

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