Monthly Newsletter: June 2023

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The Price of Time

What is the price of time? The answer is simple: interest.

I recently listened to an audiobook of The Price of Time by Edward Chancellor and found his deep dive into interest rates to be really fascinating.

I highly recommend this podcast with the author which is a distilled version of the book and covers a few of his key themes including:

  • The history of interest in human societies, which is actually older than money itself.
  • Why zero percent interest rates go against our human nature.
  • How low interest rates have fueled the largest asset bubble in human history.

🏠 US Housing is a dead man walking by Seeking Alpha

  • Buying a house in the USA, when adjusted for inflation and mortgage rates, is the most expensive in four decades.
  • How did we get to having the most expensive housing market in US history?
  • What are they key factors that will influence the housing market going forward?

🤑 15 Years to Financial Independence by Rational Walk

  • Scenario showing how a young 25 year old couple starting with zero net worth could reach FIRE by the age of 40.
  • Key takeaway is to harness the virtuous cycle of limiting consumption, saving an unusually high percentage of income, and then investing one’s savings in the stock market.
  • Doing this will almost inevitably result in financial independence due to the power of compounding over long periods of time.

😬 Canadian real estate prices vs income on r/FluentInFinance

Growth in real home prices, real disposable incomes, and population

🏠 Apartment List National Rent Report

  • The rental market hit a big milestone this month, with national rent growth finally becoming flat year-over-year after nearly a year of slowdown in the rental market.
  • On average across the nation, apartments today are renting for the same price they did one year ago.
Year-over-year change in national rent index

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