Monthly Newsletter: July 2023

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A classic Twitter thread by @naval.

The speed of interest rate hikes since 2022 have put markets and the economy in uncharted territory. 


🎧 Mile High FI Podcast: Coast FI, Slow FI, & Pioneering Your Path to Financial Freedom

  • Doug and Carl discuss the pros and cons of the various forms of financial independence including traditional FI, coast FI, slow FI with commentary about which approach may be best for you.  

A thought-provoking thread about entrepreneurship and retirement

🔥 Understanding Fat FIRE: The Comprehensive Guide to a Luxurious Early Retirement – by OfDollarsAndData

  • Nick does a deep dive on Fat FIRE, including the benefits and downsides of Fat FIRE, how to achieve it, and how much you need to achieve it.

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