Terra (LUNA) Staking Rewards Calculator

How much can you earn by staking your Terra (LUNA)?





Current Price




Market Cap


= 1000.0 LUNA
Current LUNA Price:
1 LUNA = $1.00
End value:
$1,469.33 = 1469.328 LUNA
Initial monthly earning:
$6.67 = 6.667 LUNA
Average earning per year:
$93.87 = 93.866 LUNA
Overall earning:
$469.33 = 469.328 LUNA
Current Annual LUNA Staking Yield: about 8% APY

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Month #Asset Value (USD)Asset Value (LUNA)Monthly staking reward (USD)Monthly staking reward (LUNA)
0$1,000.001,000.000 LUNA$0.000.000 LUNA
1$1,006.431,006.434 LUNA$6.436.434 LUNA
2$1,012.911,012.909 LUNA$6.486.475 LUNA
3$1,019.431,019.427 LUNA$6.526.517 LUNA
4$1,025.991,025.986 LUNA$6.566.559 LUNA
5$1,032.591,032.587 LUNA$6.606.601 LUNA
6$1,039.231,039.230 LUNA$6.646.644 LUNA
7$1,045.921,045.917 LUNA$6.696.686 LUNA
8$1,052.651,052.646 LUNA$6.736.729 LUNA
9$1,059.421,059.419 LUNA$6.776.773 LUNA
10$1,066.241,066.235 LUNA$6.826.816 LUNA
11$1,073.101,073.096 LUNA$6.866.860 LUNA
12$1,080.001,080.000 LUNA$6.906.904 LUNA
13$1,086.951,086.949 LUNA$6.956.949 LUNA
14$1,093.941,093.942 LUNA$6.996.993 LUNA
15$1,100.981,100.981 LUNA$7.047.038 LUNA
16$1,108.061,108.064 LUNA$7.087.084 LUNA
17$1,115.191,115.194 LUNA$7.137.129 LUNA
18$1,122.371,122.369 LUNA$7.187.175 LUNA
19$1,129.591,129.590 LUNA$7.227.221 LUNA
20$1,136.861,136.858 LUNA$7.277.268 LUNA
21$1,144.171,144.173 LUNA$7.317.315 LUNA
22$1,151.531,151.534 LUNA$7.367.362 LUNA
23$1,158.941,158.943 LUNA$7.417.409 LUNA
24$1,166.401,166.400 LUNA$7.467.457 LUNA
25$1,173.901,173.905 LUNA$7.507.505 LUNA
26$1,181.461,181.458 LUNA$7.557.553 LUNA
27$1,189.061,189.059 LUNA$7.607.602 LUNA
28$1,196.711,196.710 LUNA$7.657.650 LUNA
29$1,204.411,204.409 LUNA$7.707.700 LUNA
30$1,212.161,212.158 LUNA$7.757.749 LUNA
31$1,219.961,219.958 LUNA$7.807.799 LUNA
32$1,227.811,227.807 LUNA$7.857.849 LUNA
33$1,235.711,235.706 LUNA$7.907.900 LUNA
34$1,243.661,243.657 LUNA$7.957.951 LUNA
35$1,251.661,251.659 LUNA$8.008.002 LUNA
36$1,259.711,259.712 LUNA$8.058.053 LUNA
37$1,267.821,267.817 LUNA$8.118.105 LUNA
38$1,275.971,275.974 LUNA$8.168.157 LUNA
39$1,284.181,284.184 LUNA$8.218.210 LUNA
40$1,292.451,292.446 LUNA$8.268.262 LUNA
41$1,300.761,300.762 LUNA$8.328.316 LUNA
42$1,309.131,309.131 LUNA$8.378.369 LUNA
43$1,317.551,317.554 LUNA$8.428.423 LUNA
44$1,326.031,326.031 LUNA$8.488.477 LUNA
45$1,334.561,334.563 LUNA$8.538.532 LUNA
46$1,343.151,343.150 LUNA$8.598.587 LUNA
47$1,351.791,351.791 LUNA$8.648.642 LUNA
48$1,360.491,360.489 LUNA$8.708.697 LUNA
49$1,369.241,369.242 LUNA$8.758.753 LUNA
50$1,378.051,378.052 LUNA$8.818.810 LUNA
51$1,386.921,386.919 LUNA$8.878.866 LUNA
52$1,395.841,395.842 LUNA$8.928.923 LUNA
53$1,404.821,404.823 LUNA$8.988.981 LUNA
54$1,413.861,413.862 LUNA$9.049.039 LUNA
55$1,422.961,422.958 LUNA$9.109.097 LUNA
56$1,432.111,432.114 LUNA$9.169.155 LUNA
57$1,441.331,441.328 LUNA$9.219.214 LUNA
58$1,450.601,450.602 LUNA$9.279.274 LUNA
59$1,459.931,459.935 LUNA$9.339.333 LUNA
60$1,469.331,469.328 LUNA$9.399.393 LUNA

What is Terra?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that powers a platform of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins that underpin a growing DeFi ecosystem. It operates as a Proof-of-Stake blockchain and is built on Cosmos with the Tendermint consensus engine.

Terraโ€™s native token LUNA acts as a governance and staking token that underpins the issuance of Terra's stablecoins and payment processing system. Stablecoins on the Terra network include TerraUSD (UST) which tracks the US dollar 1:1 and TerraKRW (KRT) which tracks the South Korean won 1:1. Terra's stability mechanism for UST and KRT depends on arbitrage activities by users with the LUNA token.

For example, when the price of TerraUSD (UST) falls to $0.95 against the USD in secondary markets, users can purchase 100 UST for $95 USD on exchanges, then use the 100 UST to purchase 100 USD worth of LUNA tokens on the Terra platform.

Terra powers the major South Korean e-commerce payments app Chai. Chai offers the same seamless payments experience as mainstream payment apps but in the background, the Terra network lowers transaction fees and allows instant settlement with merchants.

The South Korean company Terraform Labs drives the development of the Terra platform. Terraform Labs was founded by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon in 2018.

What can I do with UST?

TerraUSD (UST) maintains a 1:1 peg with the US dollar and is needed to use popular DeFi apps in the Terra ecosystem like Anchor Protocol and Mirror Protocol.

Anchor Protocol is a UST savings account that offers a stable annual yield of nearly 20% powered by staking returns from multiple Proof of Stake blockchains.

Mirror Protocol is a DeFi platform that enables users to issue and exchange synthetic assets, which are crypto tokens that track the price of real-world assets, such as stocks. Synthetic tokens provide investors with exposure to the price of the real-world assets they represent, without requiring investors to actually own those underlying assets.

How to buy LUNA

There are limited US-based exchanges that sell LUNA directly. Here is the process that I have followed to purchase LUNA:

  1. Buy USDC on Coinbase and transfer to Kucoin
  2. Swap USDC for UST on Kucoin
  3. Send UST to Terra Station Wallet
  4. Swap UST for LUNA on Terra Station Wallet

What is LUNA staking?

Terra is built on Cosmos and uses a Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This means that users holding LUNA tokens earn staking rewards in exchange for using their holdings to support the operations and security of the Terra network. Through this process of staking, the Terra network ties its security to the honesty of the majority who are incentivized as token holders to maintain the integrity and value of the network.

How do I stake my LUNA?

LUNA token holders can earn a staking yield on their tokens through a process called delegation. Delegation is where you appoint your staking rights to a validator so that you can participate in staking without having to maintain your own node.

To stake LUNA you must first acquire LUNA as I explained in the earlier section How to buy LUNA?

To stake your LUNA you need to create a Terra Station Wallet and hold your LUNA there. Then on the Terra Station Wallet, you can navigate to the Stake tab, chose a validator, and then delegate your LUNA to be staked with that validator.

Current Annual LUNA Staking Yield: about 8% APY

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