Kava (KAVA) Staking Rewards Calculator

How much can you earn by staking your Kava (KAVA)?





Current Price




Market Cap


= 1000.0 KAVA
Current KAVA Price:
1 KAVA = $1.00
End value:
$2,488.32 = 2488.320 KAVA
Initial monthly earning:
$16.67 = 16.667 KAVA
Average earning per year:
$297.66 = 297.664 KAVA
Overall earning:
$1,488.32 = 1488.320 KAVA
Current Annual KAVA Staking Yield at Kraken: 20% APY

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Month #Asset Value (USD)Asset Value (KAVA)Monthly staking reward (USD)Monthly staking reward (KAVA)
0$1,000.001,000.000 KAVA$0.000.000 KAVA
1$1,015.311,015.309 KAVA$15.3115.309 KAVA
2$1,030.851,030.853 KAVA$15.5415.544 KAVA
3$1,046.641,046.635 KAVA$15.7815.782 KAVA
4$1,062.661,062.659 KAVA$16.0216.023 KAVA
5$1,078.931,078.927 KAVA$16.2716.269 KAVA
6$1,095.451,095.445 KAVA$16.5216.518 KAVA
7$1,112.221,112.216 KAVA$16.7716.771 KAVA
8$1,129.241,129.243 KAVA$17.0317.027 KAVA
9$1,146.531,146.531 KAVA$17.2917.288 KAVA
10$1,164.081,164.084 KAVA$17.5517.553 KAVA
11$1,181.911,181.906 KAVA$17.8217.822 KAVA
12$1,200.001,200.000 KAVA$18.0918.094 KAVA
13$1,218.371,218.371 KAVA$18.3718.371 KAVA
14$1,237.021,237.024 KAVA$18.6518.653 KAVA
15$1,255.961,255.962 KAVA$18.9418.938 KAVA
16$1,275.191,275.190 KAVA$19.2319.228 KAVA
17$1,294.711,294.713 KAVA$19.5219.522 KAVA
18$1,314.531,314.534 KAVA$19.8219.821 KAVA
19$1,334.661,334.659 KAVA$20.1220.125 KAVA
20$1,355.091,355.092 KAVA$20.4320.433 KAVA
21$1,375.841,375.838 KAVA$20.7520.746 KAVA
22$1,396.901,396.901 KAVA$21.0621.063 KAVA
23$1,418.291,418.287 KAVA$21.3921.386 KAVA
24$1,440.001,440.000 KAVA$21.7121.713 KAVA
25$1,462.051,462.046 KAVA$22.0522.046 KAVA
26$1,484.431,484.429 KAVA$22.3822.383 KAVA
27$1,507.151,507.155 KAVA$22.7322.726 KAVA
28$1,530.231,530.228 KAVA$23.0723.074 KAVA
29$1,553.661,553.655 KAVA$23.4323.427 KAVA
30$1,577.441,577.441 KAVA$23.7923.786 KAVA
31$1,601.591,601.591 KAVA$24.1524.150 KAVA
32$1,626.111,626.110 KAVA$24.5224.520 KAVA
33$1,651.011,651.005 KAVA$24.8924.895 KAVA
34$1,676.281,676.281 KAVA$25.2825.276 KAVA
35$1,701.941,701.944 KAVA$25.6625.663 KAVA
36$1,728.001,728.000 KAVA$26.0626.056 KAVA
37$1,754.451,754.455 KAVA$26.4526.455 KAVA
38$1,781.311,781.315 KAVA$26.8626.860 KAVA
39$1,808.591,808.586 KAVA$27.2727.271 KAVA
40$1,836.271,836.274 KAVA$27.6927.688 KAVA
41$1,864.391,864.386 KAVA$28.1128.112 KAVA
42$1,892.931,892.929 KAVA$28.5428.543 KAVA
43$1,921.911,921.909 KAVA$28.9828.980 KAVA
44$1,951.331,951.332 KAVA$29.4229.423 KAVA
45$1,981.211,981.206 KAVA$29.8729.874 KAVA
46$2,011.542,011.537 KAVA$30.3330.331 KAVA
47$2,042.332,042.333 KAVA$30.8030.796 KAVA
48$2,073.602,073.600 KAVA$31.2731.267 KAVA
49$2,105.352,105.346 KAVA$31.7531.746 KAVA
50$2,137.582,137.577 KAVA$32.2332.232 KAVA
51$2,170.302,170.303 KAVA$32.7332.725 KAVA
52$2,203.532,203.529 KAVA$33.2333.226 KAVA
53$2,237.262,237.264 KAVA$33.7333.735 KAVA
54$2,271.512,271.515 KAVA$34.2534.251 KAVA
55$2,306.292,306.291 KAVA$34.7834.776 KAVA
56$2,341.602,341.599 KAVA$35.3135.308 KAVA
57$2,377.452,377.447 KAVA$35.8535.849 KAVA
58$2,413.842,413.845 KAVA$36.4036.397 KAVA
59$2,450.802,450.800 KAVA$36.9536.955 KAVA
60$2,488.322,488.320 KAVA$37.5237.520 KAVA

What is Kava?

Kava is a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol based on Cosmos that allows users to lend and borrow without a middleman. The KAVA token is the native token of the Kava network.

Kava's key feature is that it allows users to collateralize their crypto like BTC or XRP to mint USDX, a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, while at the same time earning rewards in KAVA. Through this process called Kava Mint, users deposit their cryptocurrencies into smart contracts on Cosmos in order to borrow USDX. When they borrow USDX, Kava Mint users also earn weekly rewards in KAVA, Kava's cryptocurrency token.

The Kava project began in 2018, when Brian Kerr, Ruaridh O’Donnell and Scott Stuart co-founded Kava Labs. Kava Labs is a for-profit company formed to develop and drive the creation of the Kava platform. In 2019, the Kava team held a token sale on Binance, raising $3 million through the sale of 6.5% of the total Kava supply. Kava's decentralized lending platform first went live in June 2020.

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What is Kava staking?

Kava is built on Cosmos and uses a Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This means that users holding KAVA tokens earn staking rewards in exchange for using their holdings to support the operations and security of the Kava network. Through this process of staking, the Kava network ties its security to the honesty of the majority who are incentivized as token holders to maintain the integrity and value of the network.

How do I stake my KAVA?

KAVA token holders can earn a staking yield on their KAVA through a process called delegation. Delegation is where you appoint your staking rights to a validator so that you can participate in staking without having to maintain your own node.

To stake KAVA you must first purchase KAVA tokens on an exchange and then move them to a wallet that supports staking.

There are two general approaches to delegating your KAVA:

  • Using a non-custodial wallet like the TrustWallet Kava Wallet or Ledger hardware wallet. With a non-custodial wallet, you have the sole control of your private keys which means that you do not have to trust a third party with your keys. The downside to a non-custodial wallet is that you are solely responsible for not losing your keys and keeping them secure. With this approach, you are responsible for choosing a good and reliable validator to stake your tokens with, so choose carefully.
  • Using a custodial wallet like Kraken, a crypto exchange. With a custodial wallet, you trust a third party to control your private keys and provide you access to your tokens when you wish to send or trade them. The upside to custodial wallets is that they are typically more convenient and your personal responsibility of safeguarding your private keys is lessened. With this approach, you do not have the ability to choose your validator - you must use the validator of your custodian.
Current Annual KAVA Staking Yield at Kraken: 20% APY