Flow (FLOW) Staking Rewards Calculator

How much can you earn by staking your Flow (FLOW)?





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Market Cap


= 1000.0 FLOW
Current FLOW Price:
1 FLOW = $1.00
End value:
$1,252.16 = 1252.156 FLOW
Initial monthly earning:
$3.83 = 3.833 FLOW
Average earning per year:
$50.43 = 50.431 FLOW
Overall earning:
$252.16 = 252.156 FLOW
Current Annual FLOW Staking Yield at Kraken: 4.6% APY

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Month #Asset Value (USD)Asset Value (FLOW)Monthly staking reward (USD)Monthly staking reward (FLOW)
0$1,000.001,000.000 FLOW$0.000.000 FLOW
1$1,003.751,003.755 FLOW$3.753.755 FLOW
2$1,007.521,007.524 FLOW$3.773.769 FLOW
3$1,011.311,011.307 FLOW$3.783.783 FLOW
4$1,015.101,015.104 FLOW$3.803.797 FLOW
5$1,018.921,018.916 FLOW$3.813.812 FLOW
6$1,022.741,022.741 FLOW$3.833.826 FLOW
7$1,026.581,026.582 FLOW$3.843.840 FLOW
8$1,030.441,030.436 FLOW$3.853.855 FLOW
9$1,034.311,034.305 FLOW$3.873.869 FLOW
10$1,038.191,038.189 FLOW$3.883.884 FLOW
11$1,042.091,042.087 FLOW$3.903.898 FLOW
12$1,046.001,046.000 FLOW$3.913.913 FLOW
13$1,049.931,049.928 FLOW$3.933.928 FLOW
14$1,053.871,053.870 FLOW$3.943.942 FLOW
15$1,057.831,057.827 FLOW$3.963.957 FLOW
16$1,061.801,061.799 FLOW$3.973.972 FLOW
17$1,065.791,065.786 FLOW$3.993.987 FLOW
18$1,069.791,069.788 FLOW$4.004.002 FLOW
19$1,073.801,073.804 FLOW$4.024.017 FLOW
20$1,077.841,077.836 FLOW$4.034.032 FLOW
21$1,081.881,081.883 FLOW$4.054.047 FLOW
22$1,085.951,085.946 FLOW$4.064.062 FLOW
23$1,090.021,090.023 FLOW$4.084.078 FLOW
24$1,094.121,094.116 FLOW$4.094.093 FLOW
25$1,098.221,098.224 FLOW$4.114.108 FLOW
26$1,102.351,102.348 FLOW$4.124.124 FLOW
27$1,106.491,106.487 FLOW$4.144.139 FLOW
28$1,110.641,110.642 FLOW$4.154.155 FLOW
29$1,114.811,114.812 FLOW$4.174.170 FLOW
30$1,119.001,118.998 FLOW$4.194.186 FLOW
31$1,123.201,123.199 FLOW$4.204.202 FLOW
32$1,127.421,127.417 FLOW$4.224.217 FLOW
33$1,131.651,131.650 FLOW$4.234.233 FLOW
34$1,135.901,135.899 FLOW$4.254.249 FLOW
35$1,140.161,140.164 FLOW$4.274.265 FLOW
36$1,144.451,144.445 FLOW$4.284.281 FLOW
37$1,148.741,148.743 FLOW$4.304.297 FLOW
38$1,153.061,153.056 FLOW$4.314.313 FLOW
39$1,157.391,157.385 FLOW$4.334.330 FLOW
40$1,161.731,161.731 FLOW$4.354.346 FLOW
41$1,166.091,166.093 FLOW$4.364.362 FLOW
42$1,170.471,170.472 FLOW$4.384.378 FLOW
43$1,174.871,174.867 FLOW$4.394.395 FLOW
44$1,179.281,179.278 FLOW$4.414.411 FLOW
45$1,183.711,183.706 FLOW$4.434.428 FLOW
46$1,188.151,188.151 FLOW$4.444.445 FLOW
47$1,192.611,192.612 FLOW$4.464.461 FLOW
48$1,197.091,197.090 FLOW$4.484.478 FLOW
49$1,201.581,201.585 FLOW$4.494.495 FLOW
50$1,206.101,206.096 FLOW$4.514.512 FLOW
51$1,210.631,210.625 FLOW$4.534.529 FLOW
52$1,215.171,215.171 FLOW$4.554.546 FLOW
53$1,219.731,219.733 FLOW$4.564.563 FLOW
54$1,224.311,224.313 FLOW$4.584.580 FLOW
55$1,228.911,228.910 FLOW$4.604.597 FLOW
56$1,233.521,233.525 FLOW$4.614.614 FLOW
57$1,238.161,238.156 FLOW$4.634.632 FLOW
58$1,242.811,242.805 FLOW$4.654.649 FLOW
59$1,247.471,247.472 FLOW$4.674.667 FLOW
60$1,252.161,252.156 FLOW$4.684.684 FLOW

What is Flow?

Flow is a newly launched blockchain built to support the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. Flow is developed by Dapper Labs, the team who also developed the popular CryptoKitties blockchain game.

Founded by Roham Gharegozlou, Dieter Shirley and Mikhael Naayem, Flow was designed specifically for games and digital collectibles. It allows users to create and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are the digital equivalent of a trading card - since each NFT is an asset on the Flow blockchain, it allows their uniqueness to be verified. Like other cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be bought, sold, and exchanged over the internet in a decentralized way (without a middleman).

Notable apps that run on the Flow blockchain include NBA Top Shot, Crypto Kitties, and Seussibles.

What sets Flow apart from other crypto networks is its dramatic speed and throughput improvements that are a result of its design which separates the jobs of miners or validators into four different roles. This separation of roles means that participants in the network can run nodes over a wide spectrum of different computational and financial reward levels.

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What is Flow staking?

Since Flow operates with a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, users holding FLOW tokens can earn staking rewards in exchange for using their holdings to secure the blockchain. Staking is the process where a node operator temporarily gives up (or "stakes") their tokens to the network as a promise that they will not modify their node to do something that is against the rules of the FLOW network, like stealing funds from user's accounts. Through this process of staking, the Flow network ties its security to the honesty of the majority who are incentivized as token holders to maintain the integrity and value of the network.

How do I stake my FLOW?

Broadly speaking, there are two different approaches to Flow staking:

  1. Run your own node (hard). Advanced users can run their own Flow node, which entails provisioning a machine or virtual machine to run node software, and then keeping your node updated and online. This approach is slightly more profitable but requires you to pay for the hosting for your node, and your time to properly configure the node and maintain it to ensure that it stays online.
  2. Delegating (easy). Delegation is where you delegate your staking rights to another node called a "delegator" so that you can participate in staking without having to maintain your own node. The downside is that the delegator takes a small fee for their service, reducing your staking rewards.

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There are two general approaches to delegating your FLOW:

  • Using a non-custodial wallet like Blocto or Ledger with Flow Port. You can find a complete guide to staking with Flow Port here. With a non-custodial wallet, you have the sole control your private keys which means that you do not have to trust a third party with your keys. The downside to a non-custodial wallet is that you are solely responsible for not losing your keys and keeping them secure. With this approach, you are responsible for choosing a good and reliable Node Operator to stake your tokens with, so choose carefully.
  • Using a custodial wallet like Kraken, a crypto exchange. With a custodial wallet, you trust a third party to control your private keys and provide you access to your tokens when you wish to send or trade them. The upside to custodial wallets is that they are typically more convenient and your personal responsibility of safeguarding your private keys is lessened. With this approach, you do not have the ability to choose your Node Operator - you must use the Node Operator of your custodian.
Current Annual FLOW Staking Yield at Kraken: 4.6% APY