Ethereum Staking Rewards Calculator

How much can you earn by staking your Ethereum (ETH)?

= 1000.000 ETH
Current ETH Price:
1 ETH = $1.00
End value:
$1,348.85 = 1348.850 ETH
Initial monthly earning:
$5.00 = 5.000 ETH
Average earning per year:
$69.77 = 69.770 ETH
Overall earning:
$348.85 = 348.850 ETH
Current Annual ETH Staking Yield at Coinbase: up to 6%
Month #Asset Value (USD)Asset Value (ETH)Monthly staking reward (USD)Monthly staking reward (ETH)
0$1,000.001,000.000 ETH$0.000.000 ETH
1$1,005.001,005.000 ETH$5.005.000 ETH
2$1,010.021,010.025 ETH$5.025.025 ETH
3$1,015.081,015.075 ETH$5.055.050 ETH
4$1,020.151,020.151 ETH$5.085.075 ETH
5$1,025.251,025.251 ETH$5.105.101 ETH
6$1,030.381,030.378 ETH$5.135.126 ETH
7$1,035.531,035.529 ETH$5.155.152 ETH
8$1,040.711,040.707 ETH$5.185.178 ETH
9$1,045.911,045.911 ETH$5.205.204 ETH
10$1,051.141,051.140 ETH$5.235.230 ETH
11$1,056.401,056.396 ETH$5.265.256 ETH
12$1,061.681,061.678 ETH$5.285.282 ETH
13$1,066.991,066.986 ETH$5.315.308 ETH
14$1,072.321,072.321 ETH$5.335.335 ETH
15$1,077.681,077.683 ETH$5.365.362 ETH
16$1,083.071,083.071 ETH$5.395.388 ETH
17$1,088.491,088.487 ETH$5.425.415 ETH
18$1,093.931,093.929 ETH$5.445.442 ETH
19$1,099.401,099.399 ETH$5.475.470 ETH
20$1,104.901,104.896 ETH$5.505.497 ETH
21$1,110.421,110.420 ETH$5.525.524 ETH
22$1,115.971,115.972 ETH$5.555.552 ETH
23$1,121.551,121.552 ETH$5.585.580 ETH
24$1,127.161,127.160 ETH$5.615.608 ETH
25$1,132.801,132.796 ETH$5.645.636 ETH
26$1,138.461,138.460 ETH$5.665.664 ETH
27$1,144.151,144.152 ETH$5.695.692 ETH
28$1,149.871,149.873 ETH$5.725.721 ETH
29$1,155.621,155.622 ETH$5.755.749 ETH
30$1,161.401,161.400 ETH$5.785.778 ETH
31$1,167.211,167.207 ETH$5.815.807 ETH
32$1,173.041,173.043 ETH$5.845.836 ETH
33$1,178.911,178.908 ETH$5.875.865 ETH
34$1,184.801,184.803 ETH$5.895.895 ETH
35$1,190.731,190.727 ETH$5.925.924 ETH
36$1,196.681,196.681 ETH$5.955.954 ETH
37$1,202.661,202.664 ETH$5.985.983 ETH
38$1,208.681,208.677 ETH$6.016.013 ETH
39$1,214.721,214.721 ETH$6.046.043 ETH
40$1,220.791,220.794 ETH$6.076.074 ETH
41$1,226.901,226.898 ETH$6.106.104 ETH
42$1,233.031,233.033 ETH$6.136.134 ETH
43$1,239.201,239.198 ETH$6.176.165 ETH
44$1,245.391,245.394 ETH$6.206.196 ETH
45$1,251.621,251.621 ETH$6.236.227 ETH
46$1,257.881,257.879 ETH$6.266.258 ETH
47$1,264.171,264.168 ETH$6.296.289 ETH
48$1,270.491,270.489 ETH$6.326.321 ETH
49$1,276.841,276.842 ETH$6.356.352 ETH
50$1,283.231,283.226 ETH$6.386.384 ETH
51$1,289.641,289.642 ETH$6.426.416 ETH
52$1,296.091,296.090 ETH$6.456.448 ETH
53$1,302.571,302.571 ETH$6.486.480 ETH
54$1,309.081,309.083 ETH$6.516.513 ETH
55$1,315.631,315.629 ETH$6.556.545 ETH
56$1,322.211,322.207 ETH$6.586.578 ETH
57$1,328.821,328.818 ETH$6.616.611 ETH
58$1,335.461,335.462 ETH$6.646.644 ETH
59$1,342.141,342.139 ETH$6.686.677 ETH
60$1,348.851,348.850 ETH$6.716.711 ETH

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. The Ethereum platform has its own cryptocurrency called Ether, which also known as ETH or interchangeably as Ethereum. The Ethereum platform is effectively a world computer that allows developers to build applications called Smart Contracts with money (an exchange of value) built into the code.

Ethereum the cryptocurrency token (ETH) is:

  • An ownership stake in the Ethereum network
  • A yield-generating asset through staking
  • The backbone and settlement layer of Web3
  • A store-of-value

Frankly, Ethereum is several things all at once and can be difficult to understand at first. I highly recommend this essay Own the Internet: The Bull Case for Ethereum by Packy McCormick to learn more.

What is Web3?

To understand the importance of Ethereum, you must first understand Web3, the next generation of the internet. While Web2 refers to the social and collaborative nature of centralized content platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, Web3 is a vision of the internet that is based on decentralized networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum that enable internet native money. One of the key changes these networks bring is that since they are decentralized protocols, no single entity has control, however all participants are able to trust the network. The second key innovation of Web3 is that these decentralized protocols allow value to be transferred between two parties through code that is native to the internet, enabling global, instant, permission-less Internet Money.

To learn more about Web3, I recommend reading What is Web 3? from

What is Ethereum staking?

As of 2021, the Ethereum network is currently undergoing an upgrade called ETH2 that transitions the platform from a proof-of-work model to a proof-of-stake model. This aims to improve the network's security and scalability. As part of this ETH2 upgrade, ETH token holders can stake their ETH and earn staking rewards in return. Staking is the process of depositing ETH (putting your ETH at "stake") in validator software to participate in transaction validation and help to secure the network. In return for staking your ETH, you earn staking rewards, like a dividend yield on a stock.

How do I stake my Ethereum?

You must have 32 ETH or more to run your own validator node. You can learn more about running your own validator here. If you have less than 32 ETH, you can still earn staking rewards by participating in staking pool. With staking pools, you simply deposit your ETH with a company, like Coinbase, and they handle all the technical stuff. Coinbase, the largest US-based crypto exchange, is currently rolling out Ethereum staking to customers on their waitlist, with staking rewards of up to 6.0% APR.

Current Annual ETH Staking Yield at Coinbase: up to 6%