Cosmos (ATOM) Staking Rewards Calculator

How much can you earn by staking your Cosmos (ATOM)?





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Market Cap


= 1000.0 ATOM
Current ATOM Price:
1 ATOM = $1.00
End value:
$1,402.55 = 1402.552 ATOM
Initial monthly earning:
$5.83 = 5.833 ATOM
Average earning per year:
$80.51 = 80.510 ATOM
Overall earning:
$402.55 = 402.552 ATOM
Current Annual ATOM Staking Yield at Kraken: 7% APY

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Month #Asset Value (USD)Asset Value (ATOM)Monthly staking reward (USD)Monthly staking reward (ATOM)
0$1,000.001,000.000 ATOM$0.000.000 ATOM
1$1,005.651,005.654 ATOM$5.655.654 ATOM
2$1,011.341,011.340 ATOM$5.695.686 ATOM
3$1,017.061,017.059 ATOM$5.725.718 ATOM
4$1,022.811,022.809 ATOM$5.755.751 ATOM
5$1,028.591,028.592 ATOM$5.785.783 ATOM
6$1,034.411,034.408 ATOM$5.825.816 ATOM
7$1,040.261,040.257 ATOM$5.855.849 ATOM
8$1,046.141,046.138 ATOM$5.885.882 ATOM
9$1,052.051,052.054 ATOM$5.925.915 ATOM
10$1,058.001,058.002 ATOM$5.955.948 ATOM
11$1,063.981,063.984 ATOM$5.985.982 ATOM
12$1,070.001,070.000 ATOM$6.026.016 ATOM
13$1,076.051,076.050 ATOM$6.056.050 ATOM
14$1,082.131,082.134 ATOM$6.086.084 ATOM
15$1,088.251,088.253 ATOM$6.126.119 ATOM
16$1,094.411,094.406 ATOM$6.156.153 ATOM
17$1,100.591,100.594 ATOM$6.196.188 ATOM
18$1,106.821,106.817 ATOM$6.226.223 ATOM
19$1,113.071,113.075 ATOM$6.266.258 ATOM
20$1,119.371,119.368 ATOM$6.296.293 ATOM
21$1,125.701,125.697 ATOM$6.336.329 ATOM
22$1,132.061,132.062 ATOM$6.366.365 ATOM
23$1,138.461,138.463 ATOM$6.406.401 ATOM
24$1,144.901,144.900 ATOM$6.446.437 ATOM
25$1,151.371,151.373 ATOM$6.476.473 ATOM
26$1,157.881,157.883 ATOM$6.516.510 ATOM
27$1,164.431,164.430 ATOM$6.556.547 ATOM
28$1,171.011,171.014 ATOM$6.586.584 ATOM
29$1,177.641,177.635 ATOM$6.626.621 ATOM
30$1,184.291,184.294 ATOM$6.666.659 ATOM
31$1,190.991,190.990 ATOM$6.706.696 ATOM
32$1,197.721,197.724 ATOM$6.736.734 ATOM
33$1,204.501,204.496 ATOM$6.776.772 ATOM
34$1,211.311,211.306 ATOM$6.816.810 ATOM
35$1,218.161,218.155 ATOM$6.856.849 ATOM
36$1,225.041,225.043 ATOM$6.896.888 ATOM
37$1,231.971,231.970 ATOM$6.936.927 ATOM
38$1,238.941,238.935 ATOM$6.976.966 ATOM
39$1,245.941,245.940 ATOM$7.017.005 ATOM
40$1,252.991,252.985 ATOM$7.047.045 ATOM
41$1,260.071,260.070 ATOM$7.087.085 ATOM
42$1,267.191,267.194 ATOM$7.127.125 ATOM
43$1,274.361,274.359 ATOM$7.167.165 ATOM
44$1,281.561,281.565 ATOM$7.217.205 ATOM
45$1,288.811,288.811 ATOM$7.257.246 ATOM
46$1,296.101,296.098 ATOM$7.297.287 ATOM
47$1,303.431,303.426 ATOM$7.337.328 ATOM
48$1,310.801,310.796 ATOM$7.377.370 ATOM
49$1,318.211,318.207 ATOM$7.417.411 ATOM
50$1,325.661,325.661 ATOM$7.457.453 ATOM
51$1,333.161,333.156 ATOM$7.507.495 ATOM
52$1,340.691,340.694 ATOM$7.547.538 ATOM
53$1,348.271,348.275 ATOM$7.587.580 ATOM
54$1,355.901,355.898 ATOM$7.627.623 ATOM
55$1,363.561,363.564 ATOM$7.677.666 ATOM
56$1,371.271,371.274 ATOM$7.717.710 ATOM
57$1,379.031,379.028 ATOM$7.757.753 ATOM
58$1,386.821,386.825 ATOM$7.807.797 ATOM
59$1,394.671,394.666 ATOM$7.847.841 ATOM
60$1,402.551,402.552 ATOM$7.897.886 ATOM

What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. The goal of Cosmos is to create an internet of blockchains - a network of blockchains that can communicate in a decentralized way.

Cosmos allows individual blockchains to maintain sovereignty and process transactions quickly while also communicating with other blockchains in the ecosystem. It is an open source community project initially started by the Tendermint team.

The Cosmos network was founded by developers Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman in 2014, who at the time created Tendermint. the consensus algorithm that would go on to power the Cosmos network. The Interchain Foundation, a Swiss non-profit that funds open-source blockchain projects, helped to launch and develop by the Cosmos project.

Each new independent blockchain or "zone" created within Cosmos is tethered to the Cosmos Hub, a proof-of-stake blockchain which maintains the state of each zone. The ATOM token powers the Cosmos Hub and is used to maintain interoperability between all zones in the Cosmos Network.

What is ATOM staking?

Since the Cosmos Hub is a proof-of-stake blockchain, users holding ATOM tokens can earn staking rewards in exchange for using their holdings to secure the blockchain. Staking is the process of locking up your ATOM tokens to provide economic security to the Cosmos Hub blockchain. Through the process of staking, the Cosmos ecosystem ties its security to the honesty of the majority who are incentivized as token holders to maintain the integrity and value of the Cosmos Hub.

How do I stake my ATOM?

To earn staking rewards with the Cosmos network, you must first buy ATOM tokens from an exchange and then choose a validator to delegate your ATOM tokens to. Validators are special full nodes that take part in the consensus algorithm to collectively add blocks to the blockchain. Some crypto exchanges like Kraken offer staking services directly on their platform, so you can delegate your ATOM token without transferring it off of the exchange.

Alternatively, you can transfer your ATOM from your exchange to one of the many ATOM walletsand then from your wallet you can choose a validator to delegate your ATOM to.

Current Annual ATOM Staking Yield at Kraken: 7% APY

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